Life, Style, London

Life, Style, London

Life, Style, London

AJ adores London.

He believes it to be the greatest city in the world.

It is home:  Presenting opportunities and excitement.  As well as his passion behind his thriving business, he enjoys a full and rich social life.

In his blog, he will not only share his Style Advice but also his Lifestyle anecdotes and recommendations for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Whether you are looking for the perfect tie to complete the “I will win more clients” look, or the perfect place for a quirky, caffeine loaded coffee to kickstart your day – AJ is the go-to person.

The Elite of Suits for the Modern Gentleman

Tucked away within the heart of little Paris on  a street corner, resides a quaint  boutique host to Aristocrat London. Where we had the pleasure of exploring and spending an afternoon, discussing all things etiquette and elite suits for the modern gentleman. Aristocrat London   have certainly given their own twist to the term “pret a porter”. An establishment that  Antoine would be proud to take his clients. Founded by Laz Tyrekidis, a London-based marketing director, who turned his passion for [...]

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